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2 pcs Pastry Brush Set


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2 pcs Pastry Brush Set

  • Made of food grade silicone with hard plastic handle.
  • Can be used to apply oil while cooking, barbeque ( Tandoor), pastry making.
  • Ideal for any kitchen, great for Cooking Glazing, Baking, BBQ.
  • Features a unique design and will not retain odors, nor clump during cleaning.
  • They are applicable for brushing all kinds of meat, vegetable, sausage and other food.

A pastry brush, also known as a basting brush, is a Cooking Utensil used to spread oil or glaze on food. In baking bread and pastries, a pastry brush is used to spread a glaze or egg wash on the crust or surface of the food. In roasting meats, a pastry brush may be used to sop up juices or drippings from under pan and spread them on the surface of the meat to crisp the skin. Ideal for any kitchen, great for Cooking Glazing, Baking, BBQ. The ergonomic design makes it ideal for use with uneven surfaces such as waffle plates, taco grills, electric sandwich makers and more. Furthermore, this brush is highly heat resistant and can withstand temperatures ranging from -20 to 200 degrees C.

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