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Cake Dowel Set 8pcs for Cake Structure NEW Easy to use


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Cake Dowel Set 8pcs

Length- 12inches

Cake dowel set 8pcs Cake Decor 8Pcs Plastic White Dowel Rods for Tiered Cake Construction, 30CM*1CM


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Poly-Dowels, White 30CM*1CM. These interior cake pillars are used for supporting large or heavy tiered cakes. Superior, reinforced poly dowels allow for easy cake doweling. Simply cut with scissors to fit your cake height. These replace the old-fashioned wood or solid plastic pegs. For even more support, you can insert the 1/4 inch dowels. These large dowels can also be used to hang bow loops and ribbons or to dry flowers with curved petals. Disposable- single use application only. 12 Count package
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